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What did we learn from wearing masks?

Three important things we have realised thanks to wearing masks and we should not forget

For over a year now, the whole world has had to deal with a health emergency which has disrupted every aspect of our lives.

No more hugging and kissing your beloved ones (ok, you know, almost doing that the less), you can no longer go or do what you want, sanitise hands frequently, and, above all, you always have to wear a mask.

We hated the masks at first. It seemed to take away our breath, voice, smile, facial expressions. And during the summer months it was not comfortable to wear.

Then, slowly, things changed.

Masks have become something normal, even a fashionable accessory that completes our outfit, and which we choose according to the occasion (among the most expensive ones there are those made by Burberry and Louis Vuitton, have you ever seen them? So chic!).

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Feature Image: photo credit Chiara Bigatti